2016 HOYMAS HIV CHAMPONSHIP EVENT

The annual Hoymas HIV Championship day was held on the 26th September 2016 at the Sarakasi Dome Ngara. This year’s theme was EDUCATE, ENGAGE AND EMPOWER (LET’S KEEP THE LIGHT ON HIV). The significance on the theme symbolized the current situation Hoymas is with the community it serves. Educating, engaging and empowering the MSM and MSW community to accept who they are, their status and to come out to support themselves were the main focus during the last couple of months.

The event kicked off exactly 8a.m when participants started flocking in the hall. Tents were set outside for HTS sessions. Hoymas staff were in charge of providing security, ushering participants, registration process and distribution of condoms and water based lubricants that had been ferried to the event. Through the good collaboration between Hoymas and the Kenya Police, we had armed police officers on the ground to provide more security.

The event was graced by UNAIDS Country Coordinator Dr. Jantine who was the guest of honour. Unaids were among partners awarded for their support to Hoymas in various issues.

The event was started officially by the director Hoymas Mr. John Mathenge by welcoming all and thanking them for coming out in large numbers to the event in a short call, he handed the microphone to the MC of the day MR. James Ngugi to continue with the program of the day, where he started by introducing the theme of the day to the guest and made announcements that the tents were ready outside and the counselors and nurses were ready and waiting to attend every one and one by one people started streaming to the tents to know their status, meanwhile inside the hall he called on people who have tested or have been assisted at hoymas clinic or rescue center to come out and give a testimony of how they were treated both at the clinic and at the rescue center.

Item 1:   a participant gave a story of how he was sick and had refused to adhere to his ARV drugs that he got so weak and could not move out of the house yet he was staying in a guest house and depended on well-wishers to get money for the room and also for food but when his story reached Hoymas, the Hoymas team sent their Nurse with other team members who took him  to hospital where he was admitted for two weeks and after being released he was too weak to do anything so they took him to the rescue center where he was nursed, bathed, fed and given some body exercises until he was well. His story was very touching as he gave the details that he started crying and tears were seen in the eyes of many guests. He urged the community to adhere to their drugs.

Participants show cased their talents through poems,dances and other creativity. Some shared their own experiences on issues partaining health and security.


Vote of thanks to our partners who graced the occasion.





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