Medical Assistance for Ms.Zipporah Mwangangi

On June 21st 2017 as Zipporah Mwangangi was heading home from work when she was hit by a car that had lost control resulting in serious injuries including two broken legs. Zipporah who is a human rights and community activists working for HOYMAS, was first taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, were she was turned away due to the ongoing doctors strike at the time. She was then transferred to Mercy Light Hospital in Kiambu where she was operated on and metal bars were inserted into both her legs. She stayed at the hospital for three weeks leading to a bill of Ksh. 320,000 ($3,200) which HOYMAS assured payment once the monies are raised ( HOYMAS is known to the hospital and sends many of its clients there). Zipporah then spent two weeks at her home where she developed complications mainly from her present diabetes condition that lead her back to hospital (Nairobi Women’s Hospital). She began developing gang green and she had to be operated again at Nairobi Women’s hospital were they also

conducted a realignment of the metals in her legs. She is now at Nairobi’s women’s hospital awaiting discharge which will only happen when the bill is paid. The present bill at Nairobi’s Women’s Hospital is Ksh 640,000 ($6,400).

Zipporah has been the unseen and critically lifesaving force that is often behind the scene in our ongoing struggle for the rights of sex workers in Kenya. She has been the main nurse manning the HOYMAS safe house that has housed over 736 individuals who are either gravely ill or are in need for a secure space to stay due to the threats directed at them. In 2015, HOYMAS managed to transport a badly injured gay immigrant from Kakuma who had been gang raped leading to serious life threatening internal injuries. After surgery he stayed at the safe house for 5 Months under Zipporahs watchful eye. After 7 Month the young men fully recovered and with the help of HOYMAS is now in the US where he is slowly settling in as a refugee. Zipporah has nursed over 300 men who have gone through anal surgeries one of the major health concerns that affecting gay and bisexual men in Kenya. The community has been very grateful to the work and service that Zipporah has provided it. It is now the turn of the various communities that Zipporah has supported to give her the much needed support. This includes the sex worker and LGBTI communities. HOYMAS is presently fundraising for Zipporah. The target amount is $10,000 ($9,600 for the hospital bill and $400) for her initial upkeep.

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John Mathenge————– +254725608724
Hoymas Office Number — +254714781000

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