Report on Worlds AIDS Day (1st December)- Nairobi


December 1 is World AIDS Day, and Hoymas like any other institute joined the millions of individuals and organizations around the globe in commemorating this day.


Under the 2017 national theme “RIGHT TO HEALTH”, this year’s events shall focus on encouraging prevention efforts in our population, especially amongst the youth who have been greatly affected by the HIV epidemic.


Scientific innovations over the last few years have continuously provided more options for prevention, making this an imminent reality in our world today. The availability of condoms, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), effective and affordable drugs, amongst other efforts, presents a solution to everyone – whether HIV positive or negative – to prevent the spread of the virus.


Prevention starts with knowing your status, and we encouraged everyone today to visit our health facility and receive a free HIV test. You will also receive advice on how to better prevent yourself and your loved ones from HIV.

To complement the global World AIDS Day 2017 campaign which promotes the theme “Right to health”, Hoymas fraternity began procession from Uhuru pack through Harambee avenue to The University of Nairobi where the main function took place. The procession begun at 8:30 AM.

At the University ground, Hoymas had set a outside reception were members we taught how take care and prevention measures to have a health society.

We too had a mobile clinic which was doing health education, testing and enrolling clients to PrEP. As a result 22 people enrolled for PrEP and 35 were tested from our clinic, 123 people visited for health education.

We did condom distribution to all who visited either our clinic or the set reception.

While this services were going on, the cabinet secretary for health joined the congregation and addressed them on key points that would be of importance in our efforts to a free HIV/AIDS world. Those keys messages that he said to the congregation to was;

  • Leave no one behind.
  • HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis services are integrated.
  • High-quality services are available for those with HIV.
  • People living with HIV have access to affordable care.
  • The HIV response is robust and leads to stronger health systems

The commemoration ended at 3; 00 PM. Having joyfully attended the event members participants were asked to join very vibrant group of youths in the concerts they had prepared to make the day a success. Attached are some pictures that affirm the reality of the day.

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