Truvada for PrEP provides 92%-99% reduction in HIV risk for HIV-negative individuals who take the pills every day as directed. If a daily dose is missed, the level of HIV protection may decrease. It only works if you take it. People who use PrEP correctly and consistently have higher levels of protection against HIV. According […]

SYPHILIS (Passage and Treatment) – HIV Relation

It’s extremely important that you get tested and treated for syphilis. Left untreated, syphilis can cause you to get very, very ill. Syphilis will not go away if left untreated. Some symptoms may go away but syphilis will remain and can slowly cause damage to your body. If you’ve got HIV, syphilis can hit you harder and faster.Syphilis […]


When Is Safer Sex Important? The rules are simple. Whenever you have sexual intercourse (or oral sex), practice safer sex by using a condom or dental dam (a square of latex recommended for use during oral sex). When used properly and consistently, condoms are close to 99 percent effective in preventing transmission of HIV. But […]