About us

HOYMAS was formed in May 2009 by male sex workers and people living with HIV and AIDS and is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) by the Ministry of Social Services and Gender. HOYMAS serves male sex workers and young men and MSM with practical knowledge on safe sex, preventive materials distribution, general information and also economic empowerment.

Founded in 2009 by a group of male sex workers living positively HOYMAS is a Kenyan based organization that presently takes pride in a membership of 1,765, from a mere 14 at its inception. Sixty Two percent (62%) of its membership are living positively. HOYMAS is the only organization in Kenya, where disclosure is celebrated among the MSM/MSW, and there is no stigma for MSM or MSW living positively. This is particularly remarkable because of the high prevalence in stigma, discrimination and even harassment among the MSM/MSW within the sex worker and gay community who disclose their HIV positive status. Through shared experiences at HOYMAS, and this freedom associated with disclosure, members encourage each other into enrolling into and remaining on treatment.

We envision empowered gay and other male sex workers, including those living positively with HIV, enjoying their human rights and access to stigma-free health care.

To promote health and human rights, while sustainably facilitating the economic empowerment of gay and other male sex workers including those living positively with  HIV in Kenya.

  • Training, on-site learning and exchange visits
  • Peer education, open dialogues, concerts, health-talks and focus group discussions
  • Advocacy
  • HTC
  • Post test therapy and care
  • Behaviour change programs
  • Home based care, feeding and nutritional support
  • Sustainable livelihood
  • Harm reduction
  • Building linkages, collaboration & referrals

HOYMAS runs its programs based on 5 thematic areas that relate to; promotion and safeguarding of human rights; access to stigma-free health care; organizational development and sustainability, partnerships and linkages; and empowerment of our members.  To safeguard the human rights of our members, we are actively involved in sex work advocacy through media campaigns, on-the-streets protests and social action, as well as policy change and reform through strategic partnership with member organizations such as KESWA. We also undertake social and community outreaches such as the Mr Red Ribbon pageant, the Gay and Lesbian Awards of Kenya (KeGALA) among others

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