When Is Safer Sex Important?
The rules are simple. Whenever you have sexual intercourse (or oral sex), practice safer sex by using a condom or dental dam (a square of latex recommended for use during oral sex). When used properly and consistently, condoms are close to 99 percent effective in preventing transmission of HIV.

But remember:
-Use only latex condoms (or dental dams);
-Use only water-based lubricants;
-Use protection each and every time you have sex.

Other methods of birth control (such as the diaphragm and birth control pills) do not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Practicing safer sex will help you avoid other #STIs , many of which can increase your risk of contracting #HIV or giving it to someone else. You should also limit the number of sexual partners you have, and limit the use of alcohol or recreational drugs, which can impair judgment during sex

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