SYPHILIS (Passage and Treatment) – HIV Relation

It’s extremely important that you get tested and treated for syphilis. Left untreated, syphilis can cause you to get very, very ill. Syphilis will not go away if left untreated. Some symptoms may go away but syphilis will remain and can slowly cause damage to your body.

If you’ve got HIV, syphilis can hit you harder and faster.Syphilis is spread through intimate body contact including skin-to-skin contact as well as unprotected oral, anal and, frontal genital sex. You can get syphilis more than once.

You might be surprised by the number and variety of symptoms syphilis can cause. If you are sexually active and feel unwell, ask your doctor about testing for syphilis.
You may have syphilis and not know it. Some people develop visible symptoms of syphilis infection, such as a sore or rash but others don’t. Syphilis makes you more likely to transmit HIV to sex partners. Many STIs including syphilis will increase the amount of HIV in your blood, semen and frontal genital fluids, making it easier to transmit HIV. Similarly, if you have HIV your immune system may be less able to control the amount of syphilis bacteria in your body making syphilis easier to pass along to your sex partners as well.
Syphilis infection may take longer to treat and cure.

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